Won’t Pool Heating Be Very Costly?

It is true, a lot of people believe that pool heating is not something they could consider and will never be part of their family budget. If you are fortunate enough to already own a pool you might balk at having more outgoing costs just to heat the water. You may view that as unnecessary even though you know you would be able to use your swimming pool for longer periods throughout the year.

It has been decades since the first pool heating systems were invented and started being installed in swimming pools around the earth. When they were first offered to the public for use in domestic and commercial applications, the heating systems were inefficient and bulky.

Since the first systems, constant refining and new technologies have been made available to pool heating specialists and today, the most energy efficient and cost effective options for pool heating are available.

This means that Pool Heating NZ can offer you some of the very best pool heating systems made for New Zealand. When we discuss your pool heating requirements we take into consideration the type of pool you have, be it domestic or commercial, how it is used, what your budget is for ongoing costs and what is available in your area.

While there are large heating systems available, or highly technical systems, sometimes, just a small change, like installing a pool cover, can help heat your pool by a few degrees and be enough for some people to enjoy their pool. Evaporation is a major cause of heat loss from swimming pools. The water that evaporates carries heat away, leaving colder water behind. Depending on what type of system you are wanting, the cost of heating your pool will vary. The costs can also vary based on the size and location of your pool.

The best thing you can do, is not assume that because you have a pool that you feel is too big or too small that the cost of heating it will be outside your budget. Give Pool Heating NZ a call on 0800 766 543 and get our professional advice for YOUR pool. Pool Heating NZ has a good reputation for creating custom designed systems for swimming pools so they are heated consistently year round and you get the best value for your budget.