Tips to Save Money on Pool Heating

Heating your pool can be extremely expensive if not done correctly.  How can you keep your heating costs down and the most efficient they can be?

The key to this is making sure that your pool heating system is the best suited to the size of your swimming pool and how warm you wish to heat it.  Having a heat pump that is too small, will mean it will need to work very hard to get up to temperature and stay there, using a lot of energy.  Inefficient heat pumps use more energy to produce less heat.

The other way to make your pool heating system the most efficient it can be, is to use a pool cover.  Not only do pool covers reduce the amount of heat that escapes from the water’s surface, most importantly, they reduce the amount of evaporation that occurs to negligible amounts.   Water evaporation accounts for 70% of heat loss from your pool.  If warm water doesn’t evaporate, you require less energy to heat the pool and the new water added.

The last way you can reduce your pool heating costs is by reducing the temperature that you are heating your pool to.  A change of even 1 degree can offer noticeable savings to your heating costs.

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