Time For Your Pool Heating Service

Winter is setting in and now is the time to start getting things sorted for the rest of 2018. It’s the perfect time to take care of all those tasks you have still on your list that need to be done before the cold weather really starts to set in.

Servicing your pool heating is something that should be on your list. Your pool heating system should be serviced regularly in order to be kept in good operating condition. It is a also a good idea to do this now because soon enough winter will be before us and you will be using the pool heating system even more so.

So what does a pool heating service involve? Servicing your pool heating system involves inspecting and cleaning or replacing consumables such as filters, ensuring that all systems are operating correctly, clean in and around the heat pump and remove all debris, checking valves, transformer, and ensuring the temperatures are correct and input and outflow of water operating correctly.

If repairs are needed or certain components are not operating correctly, now is the time to sort these issues out as well. A general inspection at the time of servicing will reveal if parts are not operating correctly, even if you were not previously aware of this.

We at Pool Heating Ltd specialize in all pool heating servicing in New Zealand and will ensure that your swimming pool heater is operating correctly and will serve you well through 2018!