Summer is Coming, Make Sure Your Pool is Ready!

Spring has gone and summer has arrived, and with it the warm, balmy temperatures.  Perfect weather for taking a dip in your pool! Is your pool clean, maintained and ready to be used for the summer months?

There are 4 important things you need to check before taking your first dip!

  • Make sure your water is clean. You may need to use a Pool Clarifier to help.
  • Remove any debris and dust from the pool. This includes vacuuming the sides and bottom of the pool, where they may have settled or algae has formed.
  • Check your pool filter to make sure it is clean and operating as it’s supposed to.
  • Check your water pump is operating properly, and showing no signs or corrosion or leaking.

If your pool passes its medical, it’s time to start swimming!

If you find that your pool filter or pump isn’t working as it should, and you need assistance, give us a call on 0800 766 543.