Single Phase

When looking at heat pumps for pool heating you may find in your research that some heat pumps are referred to as being “Single Phase” and others as “3 Phase”.

Single phase is the technical term used for the standard power supply that comes into your homes.

Electricity is either connected at 230 or 240 volts (single-phase, which accounts for the majority of domestic situations), or 400 and 415 Volts (three-phase). The latter is better suited to providing for powerful appliances and is more commonly used by industrial and larger commercial users.

If you are wanting to heat your home swimming pool, then you will most likely be looking at getting a single phase heat pump installed.

Pool Heating NZ have a large range of Single Phase heat pumps that we can recommend for your pool.

Enviro Plus

Enviro Plus is a New Zealand manufactured range. There are 3 Single Phase models available – 11, 17, 23. Enviro Plu is suitable for Pools both Domestic and Semi Commercial uses.

Performance Plus

Performance Plus ensures consistent, set temperatures in your swimming pool or spa regardless of what the weather is doing outside. There are 35 different models ranging from 6kw to 130kw.

Thermo Plus

ThermoPlus is an option for those who might be looking for an affordable quality imported product.

Getting the right heat pump for your pool is important. Too small or too big and you will not run an energy efficient warm pool. Call Pool Heating NZ today to discuss your plans and we will help put together a solution for your home pool! Call us on 0800 766 543 today!

Phillip from Christchurch says: I never knew pool heating could be so cheap! I’d like to thank Pool Heating Ltd for putting their heads together to find me such an efficient pool heating solution. It has saved me so much in the last couple months! Big 5 stars to you guys.

Phillip Stevens

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