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Looking To Heat Your Pool For Less?

If you have a pool at home, no doubt you want to get the most out of it. Now that Summer seems to be starting later and Winter coming earlier having your pool out of action for 6 or more months a year is less than ideal.

Having a pool at home lets you create a fun and relaxing space for your family to spend time together without ever having to leave the backyard. Not only that but recent studies show that owning a pool increases the value of your home by as much as 15%. If it comes time to move, in New Zealand’s hot property market, if you own a pool you may find that it is the difference between selling your home quickly or keeping it on the market.

Pool heat pumps are now one of the most popular ways to heat swimming pool water. Installing a pool heating system will ensure you maximise the benefit of owning a pool. Now you can delight in the comfort of a pool with perfect water temperature and enjoy low running costs with an energy efficient heat pump pool water heater.

If your property is a holiday rental, then many of our clients find they have dramatically increased winter bookings simply by being able to offer a heated pool option to their guests.

A swimming pool heated with a heat pump gives you the ability to extend your swimming season by maintaining a comfortable water temperature in the cold months. This allows you to continue to enjoy your asset when you’d be otherwise tucked up inside in the winter months. For people with arthritis or those that use their pool for fitness or therapy having the pool accessible year round is priceless.

Heat pumps are environmentally friendly. How so? Well, they produce more heat energy than the energy they use to operate. This means that less fossil fuel generated power is used than other means of heating.

They are not bulky, unsightly contraptions. They do not ruin the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Instead, they come in contemporary, aesthetically pleasing designs. They also have a compact footprint which means they don’t take up much room and allows for a good amount of flexibility when it comes to positioning for installation.

They operate in any weather conditions and at any time of day. There is an inbuilt switch that only turns the heat pump on when the pool pump is in operation. This saves you ongoing energy costs.

Pool Heating NZ can offer you the highest quality and most realistically priced range of heat pump pool heaters in New Zealand. The brands that we can offer you are environmentally-friendly as they use FREE heat energy from the air, to heat and maintain the desired temperature in your pool.

By choosing Pool Heating NZ you can be assured that you:

  • will get the latest heat pump pool heating technology,
  • will liaise with our staff who all understand New Zealand and the quirks of our climate,
  • will harness clean affordable energy
  • will receive a solution tailored to your specific needs
  • will receive reliable, tried-and-tested technology with cutting-edge, new generation concepts.


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Phillip from Christchurch says: I never knew pool heating could be so cheap! I’d like to thank Pool Heating Ltd for putting their heads together to find me such an efficient pool heating solution. It has saved me so much in the last couple months! Big 5 stars to you guys.

Phillip Stevens

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