Zodiac FloPro ePump

Zodiac flopro epump ultra energy efficient pool pump

The Zodiac FloPro ePump is one of the most energy efficient pool pumps on the market today. Backed by a 7 star super efficient energy rating, it is capable of reducing power consumption, and pool energy costs, by up to 70%


Suitable for all domestic swimming pools, the FloPro ePump is engineered to provide years of reliable, ultra-quiet operation. Kind on the environment, easy on your wallet and good for your neighbours.

Save Energy, Save Money

he FloPro ePump is a variable speed pool pump that can be configured to significantly reduce pool (energy) running costs and provide the best and most energy efficient performance for each individual piece of pool equipment.

With capability to run at up to 8 different speeds, the FloPro ePump can save up to $600 p.a in energy costs.
In most installations, it will have a payback of around 2 1/2 years versus a standard single speed pump*.

Running the filtration (pump) equipment for longer periods at lower speeds will reduce power consumption
significantly. For example, if the speed is halved, the flow output is halved, and the power consumption drops to
one quarter. Even at 50% RPM, the FloPro ePump can still turn over 50,000 litres in 4 hours
*Based on national average of $0.20kw/h. Rates may vary. Single speed pump annual cost based on 8hr run time at max speed of 2830 RPM. Variable speed run time based on 8 hr run time at 2000 RPM.*

Specifications & Dimensions

Zodiac lives in the backyards of Australian families, at home in the pool. Zodiac began and continues with a dedication to innovation and new product development, focused on ensuring a better way of life. Our products deliver solutions to take the hassle out of owning a pool. So, all that’s left is for you to enjoy it; to enjoy a better life.

Built to Last

The FloPro ePump is built to the highest standard right down to the quality and durability of its materials.

All the components are constructed from corrosion resistant materials to ensure you attain optimal performance and longevity.

3 Automated Control Options

The FloPro ePump has three user-friendly control options that are both customisable and programmable:

Ultra Quiet Operation

Designed with a totally enclosed, fan-cooled, permanent magnet brushless DC motor, the FloPro ePump is one of the quietest pool pumps on the market. At half speed, it generates about the same noise level as an average refrigerator.

Pump Performance Curve26s


The shaded performance range curve above illustrates the ability of the pump to deliver varying flow rates at a variety of different speed settings. The main factor that determines how much flow is delivered from your pump is the amount of restriction (friction) in the line. This is represented in head and measured in meters.