Pool Heating installers are busier than ever!

As the nights get longer and summer ebbs away (summer? Did we even have a summer this year?) there are a special set of technicians working harder than ever installing pool heating systems.

People are starting to realise that with every day that passes, the large power companies in New Zealand are showing no sign of slowing their price increases and with every price increase – this affects you and me – the consumers.

Without trying to be a scare monger, it appears that around 15 companies in New Zealand have forecast that there will be rises seen in the neighbourhood of 15% between now and 2018.

When looking at your family budget, you will see that a large portion of your income each month is spent on utilities – water, power, and heating. If you are fortunate to have a swimming pool on your property then water and power costs are definitely part of your budget. But what about heating? If you are in the top few percent of pool owners that have a heated pool then you already know the benefits and the comfort that comes from having a swimming pool heating system, however, if you have wondered about pool heating then NOW is a great time to investigate it further and give those special technicians we spoke about at the outset another project!

Consider how you use your swimming pool? Does it get used daily, maybe even two or three times a day, during summer and then sit alone, forlorn and forgotten during the winter months? Would your interest peak if we said that it IS possible to heat your pool the whole year round for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day? It certainly sounds feasible!

Many people are realising that economical heating solutions are available and that is what is making pool heating installers incredibly busy! As more and more people research and then realise the benefits that can be had by having a heated pool the demand increases.

Along with the cost considerations which have put some pool owners off previously, you might worry about the amount of time and labour it will take to have a pool heating system installed at your pool. The fact is that our installers can offer you a quick and easy installation with the whole process taking as little time as “2 hours from start to finish”. Of course, this is all dependent on the system you choose, the size required and any issues that are discovered during installation.

Pool Heating NZ’s installers are not restricted to working in just one place. We cover all of New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Bluff . We have installed pool heating systems in residential, commercial and school properties. Pool Heating NZ is a trusted company within the pool industry and our technicians will make your installation quick and easy. We believe in transparent processes and we pride ourselves on our communication with you – you will know what is happening every step of the way.