Commercial & Residential Pool Pumps And Filters

Commercial & Residential Pool Pumps And Filters

A warm, inviting pool with glistening clear water is everyone’s dream. Tucked away behind the scenes are two very important pieces of equipment – both of which are vital to your pools overall health. Your pump and filtration systems are crucial to your maintaining a crystal clear, hygienic pool.


It can be tempting to invest most of your budget on the aesthetical parts of your pool, however, the old adage of you get what you pay for certainly can come into play here. Your pump moves your pool water in a continual cycle: From the pool to the filter, through the treatment system and back into the pool again. If you get a pump that is incorrectly sized for your pool, then you can find yourself faced with insurmountable problems. A pump that is correctly sized for your pool will give you better efficiency, less issues, easier maintenance and a longer life span for your pool.

It is easy to get excited about all the add-ons you can bring to your pool like heating, pool cleaners or water features however every add on you bring to your pool will require more out of your pump and therefore you will need to increase the size of pump you need. The bigger the pump, the more you will need to spend on running it.

This is where Pool Heating NZ can help you get the best out of your pool. Pool Heating NZ know the best systems to recommend and because we tailor your pool package specifically for you we will be able to make the appropriate recommendations. Sometimes it is as easy as changing the plumbing system design so that it is better suited to hydraulic efficiency. Obtaining efficiency with your pump system will allow you to benefit from installing a smaller pump and will give you better overall running cost savings.

Like most products in the marketplace, choosing a pool pump is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming for a homeowner. Our staff at Pool Heating NZ will make the choice as simple as possible. However, some general knowledge is important.

Pumps come in fixed and multi (variable) speeds. Fixed speed pumps have been the traditional go-to pump for decades. As the name implies, once they are turned on, they perform at a constant speed. Fixed speed pumps are relatively cheap to purchase, but their biggest downfall is that they are extremely noisy and inefficient.

Because of this, multi (variable) speed pumps are becoming increasingly popular. There is more flexibility with multi (variable) pumps and they are able to be adjusted to run at different speeds depending upon what function they are performing. The key advantage over single speed pumps is that they can be significantly cheaper to run.

In order to receive optimum performance from your pool, your pump and filter need to be correctly matched. Not only this, but, regular maintenance is required throughout your swimming season (or through the year if you have a heated pool) so that the seals on your pump and filter do not perish or crack and the motors do not burn out.

Pumps are now designed using recyclable Polypropylene and are housed in an injection moulded cabinet. This allows the internal components to be protected from the weather. The outer cabinet has UV protection built into the colour so that it is protected from sunfade. Most pumps come with a 10-year warranty. Some fans on the pumps can be set to low speed and this helps to reduce the noise level to below db.

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You will not have a healthy pool if you only have a pump and no filter. Your pools filter is an essential component and helps to keep water clean by removing fine organic material such as dust, hair, dirt and fibres. Removing this material not only keeps your pool sparkling, but also removes a potential food source for algae. Like with swimming pool pumps, there are a variety of filters available and Pool Heating NZ will advise you of the best choice for your pool.

Pumps can be differentiated due to their various speed abilities, filters generally fall into one of two categories – sand or cartridge.

Sand filters are robust, durable and have very low maintenance requirements. If you are wanting deeper, and more effective filtration then other substances can be substituted for sand such as glass media.

Sand filters do require clearing using a process called backwashing. Backwashing removes the impurities strained through the sand. This has to be done every 6-8 weeks so you will need to schedule this into your lifestyle if you don’t want your filter to end up clogged.

Cartridge filters are a great choice if you do not have a lot of room around your pool for add-ons. They have a minimal footprint and are simple to operate. Instead of needing to schedule regular maintenance for your filter, a cartridge filter only needs to be cleaned once or twice a season.

Pool Heating NZ is proud to be able to offer you a range of filters from budget to technologically advanced for your swimming pool.







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