Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers

If you want to enjoy nice, warm water in the colder months, say from May to October, you can heat your pool with your central heating system. Your pool can be connected to your central heating system with a heat exchanger. This literally exchanges heat between two circuits: the primary circuit and the secondary circuit.

How exactly will this heat exchanger heat your pool?

Well, the primary circuit contains the water that is heated by your heating device (the boiler, for example) and the secondary circuit contains the water of your pool. The hot water of your central heating system flows through the heat exchanger, which transfers the heat to the pool water that is passed along the heat exchanger.

Heat Exchangers are an economical and efficient alternative to heating your pool.A heat exchanger utilises indirect heating from a conventional boiler situated in your home. This means that if you have already got the benefit of central heating in your home, you can double purpose the boiler to heat your pool.


A heat exchanger allowsyou to share the running costs of the same equipment that heats your water in your home. This reduces the overall cost of an installation because the one piece of equipment can be used for multiple applications –none of which lose their operating efficiency.

Heat Exchangers have a fantastic efficiency rate of 80-95%, this is in comparison to natural gas or heat pump heating which has an efficiency rate of around 50-65%.Apart from high efficiencies, there is added benefit of reduced wear and longer life for indirect heat exchangers.

Another benefit you can receive by installing a heat exchanger is that they can be installed and connected to gas, diesel, wood, pellet, electric and solar panel systems.

Pool Heating NZ are proud to be able to provide you with a range of heat exchangers that are optimized for high capacity and low pressure drop. They are relatively easy to install into your current pool circulation system.

Heat exchangers are designed in a way and with materials that allow them to be used in a large variety of settings. There are two versions of heat exchangers available – Standard and Titanium.


A standard heat exchanger is made out of thermoplastic with a high glass content. This allows for extra durability. The standard versions have a spiral of acid-resistant stainless steel coil.

A titanium heat exchanger is best used in salt chlorinated pools as they are also made with thermoplastic but come with a spiral titanium coil for protection as the salt chlorine has a high risk of corrosion.

Like many things in life – size matters. You cannot just install a heat exchanger and expect it to be able to heat your pool without considering sizing. The normal consideration is the reheat time. You don’t want to pay running costs for an exchanger that isn’t big enough to heat your pool. The calculations are based on how fast the selected heat exchanger will raise the temperature in the pool per hour. Then a calculation of how many degrees per day the pool might lose. With these answers, the calculation of how many hours per day you will have to heat your pool to keep it at a constant temperature can be made and the size of heat exchanger determined.

It’s worth noting 70% of the total heat loss from a pool is actually caused by evaporation so a simple pool cover even with no insulation properties will reduce the heat loss from a pool by at least 50%

Heating your pool with a heat exchanger offers a number of important benefits. Combining your boiler with a heat exchanger allows you to heat the pool water relatively quickly. At an outdoor temperature of 15°C, it can heat your pool water to 28°C in 24 to 48 hours. This pool heating method is also an ideal solution if you only use your pool sporadically, at weekends only for example. Heating your pool with a heat exchanger is very simple.

Simply set the heat exchanger at the desired temperature and enjoy your pool.

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