Keeping Your Pool Warm With The Elite Solar Blanket

Does your pool lose heat overnight? An Elite Solar Blanket is the solution for this!

Elite Solar Blankets are the best available. This blanket looks like a sheet of heavy, durable blue bubble wrap, but is actually a large solar energy collector for your swimming pool.

The suns energy passes through the bubbles of the blanket, heating the water underneath.  It then traps this heat in the pool, where you want it, via the insulation provided by the air filled bubbles, and the blanket sitting on the water’s surface.

The Elite Solar Blanket is the most cost efficient way to increase the length of time you can swim in the pool each summer. It can increase the usage by up to 3 months simply by harnessing the free solar heat provided by the sun.

An Elite Solar Blanket can:

  • Increase your pool temperature by up to 10° Celcius
  • Keep your pool cleaner by protecting it from dirt and debris
  • Reduce chemical costs as the pool is kept cleaner as a result of being protected from dirt
  • Basically eliminates water evaporation when used
  • Significantly reduces heat loss from heated pools by up to 75%
    Reduces pool heating costs

The Elite Solar Blanket comes in two models.  The Elite Super Bubbleä Ultra Heat Pool Blanket and the Elite Super Bubble Solar Blanket.  It was designed in Australia to withstand their harsh sun conditions, so is the perfect product to cope with New Zealand’s similarly strong sun.

Over the past 10 years Elite has continued to develop their plastic formulas and colours to make them the best available on the market.  As result you purchase the longest lasting and highest performing pool blankets.

Elite Solar Blankets can be crafted to fit any shaped pool.  What’s more, they are very easy to both install and use with or without our handy rollers.  These rollers can be manual, where you just wind the handle to remove the cover, or automatic.

Call us today on 0800 766 543 about an Elite Solar Blanket for your swimming pool!