Is Your Pool Full of Murky Water? Time to Replace the Filter!

Instead of a swimming pool in your backyard, does it look like you have a murky swamp?  Does it appear cloudy with lots of contaminants in it?

Have you checked the pools alkalinity, chlorine levels and pH levels finding they are within range?

If yes, then it means it is time to replace your filter!

Filters work by dirty water from the pool being sucked into the filter, then dragged through the filtering substrate, which in turn catches all the dirt and dust.  The clean water is then pumped back into the pool.

When a filter has been used for a significant amount of time, the filter substrate starts to become blocked with contaminants, and as the water passes through, it pushes the older contaminants, blocking its path, back into the pool.  As a result the water gets dirtier and dirtier as more dust and debris land in the pool and aren’t removed.  This results in your water becoming stagnant, giving it the cloudy look.

As soon as you see your pool becoming murky, and the chemical balance is correct, you should replace your filter or filter cartridge (depending on your model).

No need to fret though!  Even if your pool could be currently housing a scary swamp monster, it can be saved, by replacing the filter as soon as you can!

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