Gas Pool Heating in NZ

Gas pool heating is arguably the most practical method among others. It makes economical sense particularly when you don’t use your pool that often, like when you only swim during weekends, on holidays or several times per week.

There are many advantages to using gas over solar or electric pool heaters, including:

On demand heating

Because they generate a huge amount of heat, gas pool heaters can raise the temperature of your pool water faster than other heaters. This means you can turn it on only when you’re planning for a swim and leave it turned off when it’s not needed.

A correctly sized gas pool heater can heat a standard-sized domestic pool in less than 8 hours and maintain the heat even in high winds or sudden drops in night-time temperatures. This means you can start heating your swimming pool in the morning and it will be nice and warm in time for a night swim. With a pool that is heated on demand, you can enjoy convenience and comfort without the worrying costs of constant pool heating.

Gas is readily available

You can choose to run your pool heater with either natural gas or liquid propane. Both fuel types are easily available here in NZ, so the right one to use will ultimately depend on their prices and whether or not you have an existing gas line.

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, you may be delighted to know that technological innovations have drastically improved the efficiency of modern gas heaters. They’re not the same gas-guzzlers we saw years ago. Most modern gas heaters offer efficiencies in the 80-90% range.

Affordable to install

If you already have a gas line in your home, installing a gas pool heater is easy. If you do not have a natural gas line, you will need to install a propane tank instead. Leasing a residential tank is usually inexpensive, but it can cost a little more than using natural gas. Either way, the system plus the setup costs are relatively lower when viewed side by side with other pool heating options, even in situations where installing a gas line is required.

Here’s a broad estimate for a standard 4m x 8m swimming pool:

Type of heater Average system price Installation cost Annual running cost
Gas $2,700 $300

$500-$1,500 (natural gas)

$700-$2,100 (LPG)

Heat pump  $6,000 $500 $250-$750
Solar $2,500 $1,400 $100-$200


Easy servicing

Gas pool heaters are durable and will operate well for years with regular upkeep and servicing. But when they do fail, the problem can easily be diagnosed and fixed by a licensed gasfitter.  Since the system itself is low cost, you can expect repairs or parts replacement to be easy on the pocket.

On the other hand, the disadvantages to using gas pool heaters are few and easily manageable:

  • Works in all conditions, but not recommended for indoor pools
  • High operating costs
  • Require regular maintenance

A last word: Not all gas pool heaters are the same, so make sure to talk to pool heating specialists about the correct sizing, kW rating, and heat exchanger material specifically suited for your swimming pool.

At, we can help you choose and install the most efficient and economical system. We have a handpicked selection of the best products on the market as well as our own team of certified gasfitters, so you need not look further. We can do it for you!

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