Efficient Pool Heating Is The Difference

You could be forgiven thinking that “Efficiency” is a new catch phrase. When considering anything to do with power consumption or heating – having equipment with a high “efficiency” rating is an important factor.

When looking at heating your swimming pool one of the highest concerns associated with heating is the cost of power. Making sure that you have efficient pool heating makes all the difference!

There are various ways of having a heat efficient pool system. If you are just starting to look at ways of heating your pool you probably will have come across solar heaters, pool covers, heat pumps – both electric and gas or water temperature management systems. If your heating system is installed properly, then you can enjoy your pool all year round and relax in the knowledge your pool is energy efficient.

If you have a poorly installed heating system then not only do you get less enjoyment out of your pool, but your ongoing running costs are higher than they need to be and you will likely find that your maintenance requirements increase over time due to parts being over or under heated or having more strain than necessary put on them due to inefficiencies.

If you have a commercial pool then the costs involved in running a heated, power efficient pool can be crippling. If your commercial pool is an indoor pool, then you will know that indoor pools present unique challenges. Indoor pools create an environment where air quality can be difficult to control – everyone can relate to walking into a pool complex and feeling warm and the air heavy with humidity and smelling of chemicals and machinery. Another top challenge is energy cost, as aggressive air filtration and swings in temperature can lead to spikes in energy use and poor insulation can cause energy leakage.

All of these issues will affect your business’s bottom line and by considering your pool heating efficiency you can help eliminate most of these issues.

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