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If you are looking at installing a new pool at your school or education facility and want to get the most out of it Pool Heating NZ are the people you need!

A heated swimming pool opens the door for sports opportunities that can be enjoyed throughout the year.Having a heated pool extends the use of your pool by 50% and allows you to get the most out of your investment during the winter months when people traditionally shy away from swimming in cold water.

As an education facility with a heated swimming pool you can provide a low-impact sports alternative to students who may have health issues and can’t participate in running or other outdoor activities.

The average school pool holds thousands of litres of water. Considering the possibility of heating this water has often been out of the question however, this is no longer the case with the range of pool heat pumps available from Pool Heating NZ. Our Heat Pumps are built to last, compact, easy to operate and easy to install.

We have options that can greatly reduce your monthly swimming pool heating costs. Traditional pool heating for operations such as at schools or universities can mean thousands of dollars in continuing energy costs. Installing a pool heating system can greatly reduce – or even eliminate – these high overhead expenses.

Pool Heating NZ have successfully designed and installed pool heating systems for commercial application across New Zealand, from recreation and sports centre pools, universities, schools to council pools. Pool Heating NZ places the highest importance on providing our customers with solutions that are functional, innovative and cost effective and energy efficient.

We have a range of commercial pool heating products that are ecologically friendly and are designed to maximise energy and reduce CO² emissions. Renowned for combining extraordinary products, exceptional service and attention to detail, we pride ourselves in delivering a system designed to suit your specific project requirements.

Using a heat pump to heat your pool is one of the most energy efficient ways of heating. Heat pumps are recognise as the most sustainable way to dynamically heat swimming pool water. They are eco friendly with no emissions. They are a good alternative to use if your pool is placed in an area not suited to solar heating. They are cheap to run and most have a 20 year lifespan.
Pool Heating NZ recommend the Enviro Plus Pool Heat Pump series. They come in 11kw, 17kw and 23 kw sizes. There is also a 3 phase 23kw size.

Phillip from Christchurch says: I never knew pool heating could be so cheap! I’d like to thank Pool Heating Ltd for putting their heads together to find me such an efficient pool heating solution. It has saved me so much in the last couple months! Big 5 stars to you guys.

Phillip Stevens

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