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3 Apr | Pool Heating Ltd

Got Yourself Covered?

The easiest way to heat your pool is to install a swimming pool cover. Not only does having a pool cover keep your swimming pool clean, but they help to heat and trap the heat which in turn will reduce your energy costs. When the weather gets chilly and you climb into bed at night …


3 Apr | Pool Heating Ltd

Pool Covers in Winter

As the cold of winter approaches, you may be looking at ways to save money on your pool heating costs.  Pool heating can become expensive when not carried out correctly. You may be asking, “What can I do to save on heating my pool this winter?” The number one thing that you can do is …


2 Apr | Pool Heating Ltd

Is a Pool Cover Worth the Investment?

Have you seen a pool cover on a friend’s or commercial pool?  No doubt you are aware that they help to regulate your pools temperature, but you may wonder, are they really worth the investment? The simple answer is Yes! How do pool covers work?  Pool covers sit on the surface of the water, providing …


29 Mar | Pool Heating Ltd

Keeping Your Pool Warm With The Elite Solar Blanket

Does your pool lose heat overnight? An Elite Solar Blanket is the solution for this! Elite Solar Blankets are the best available. This blanket looks like a sheet of heavy, durable blue bubble wrap, but is actually a large solar energy collector for your swimming pool. The suns energy passes through the bubbles of the …


27 Mar | Pool Heating Ltd

What is the Benefit of Having a Pool Cover?

Swimming Pool covers.  Everyone know about them, yet very few people use them. This poses the question:  What is the benefit of using a swimming pool cover? Pool covers are an important requirement when heating your pool for regulating the temperature.  When a pool cover is not used, the heat held by the water is …