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29 Nov | Pool Heating Ltd

Performance Heat Pump: Pool Heating Solutions in NZ

Having a swimming pool in your own home means you can enjoy a refreshing dip or a splash party any time you want. But that’s only during the warmer months. When the temperatures dip, that’s when you realize you need a pool heating system to extend your swim season. In fact, maintaining the ideal pool …


29 May | Pool Heating Ltd

Your Pool Heating Options

Convincing yourself to get into your swimwear in the middle of winter to go for a swim when your pool is likely to be icy cold out in the elements is hard, if not impossible work. No one chooses to be cold and there is a certain comfort slipping into a temperately warm pool not …


29 Mar | Pool Heating Ltd

Solar Pool Heating Vs. Heat Pump Pool Heating

Of the four pool heating solutions available, there are two pool heating solutions that people normally decide between. Solar pool heating and heat pump pool heating. Both systems have their pros and cons, so what are the differences? Solar Heating A solar heating system has a higher priced initial out lay, however, this is offset …