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3 Apr | Pool Heating Ltd

Commercial Pool Heaters On Demand

Do you have a school, hotel, or other form of commercial pool that needs heating?  Perhaps your swimming pool is one of the major attractions of your business, and need it to be heated throughout the year. You will require a commercial solution to heating your pool, as it needs to be powerful enough to …


2 Apr | Pool Heating Ltd

Pool Heating for Commercial Applications

Public pools, school pools and Hotel/Resort pools all fall under the commercial category, yet all have different requirements, for both the users and the owners. Because these pools are much larger, generally, than residential pools, they need specific heat pumps that have the ability to handle their size and heating requirements. Pool Heating Ltd specialise …


28 Mar | Pool Heating Ltd

Lowering the Cost of Resort, Hotel and Spa Pool Heating

Commercial swimming pools consume a lot of energy to heat, and thus can cost a significant amount of money in electrical costs.  Does a swimming pool play a large part of your business?  Perhaps you own a spa, resort or hotel and pools play a large part in attracting your customers, and therefore you feel …